Erzer Resort

About the Project

The project is located at Mianning County, Sichuan Province. Spanning over an expansive area of 13,000 mu(2,142 acres), the project will prioritize a suitable development area of 4,600 mu(757 acres). Viewing the sacred mountain Erzer afar and with Manao river passing through the land, this project perfectly preserves the scenery such as glacial lakes, alpine rhododendron forest and primeval forest. Right at the southeast of the project stands the Lingshan Temple which has blessed this area for hundreds of years.

The Spiritual Valley

It is a valley of great spirituality, natural beauty, and religious significance. It contains rich layers of climates, landform and culture that allows the traveller to gain diverse experience every different time when they explore the valley.

A Desirable Destination

By making the best use of the sub plateau climate, a preferable resort will be created for people all over the country to escape from the heat in the summer and the cold of the winter. A professionally operated outdoor sports base camp and wild challenges system shall be introduced to the area, and a special zen meditation vacation system will be developed based on the Lingshan Temple and it’s culture. In company with professional operation teams, top level architect and design teams, DÀYA will forge this project to a benchmark for all the health tourism projects in the country.

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